Trendlings is a unique brand that provides functional and stylish products for your little earthlings. We aim to provide attractive, practical and convenient products for parents that still encourage your little earthling to explore.



Trendlings was inspired by my son, Gabriel when he was just 4 months old. My idea developed out of frustration for not being able to find products I liked on the market. Then my ‘AH-HA’ moment came when I was awake with my son at 2am in the morning. Don’t the best idea’s just come at the middle of the night! So, with a notebook at the side of our bed, every time Gabriel decided to have a midnight snack, I’d start dreaming.
Eventually, it was time to turn a dream into reality, with the support of my husband & family this was possible to do within 3 months. So, by the time Gabriel was 7 months, we officially launched Trendlings with the innovation of the Grippy, our silicone super suction grip plate.
We hope you love our products as much as we do!