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 There are so many benefits of messy play. Not only does it contribute greatly to your child’s cognitive development, but it’s a great way to spend quality time with your child. Don’t be afraid to get involved – the messier the better! Luckily Trendlings has designed a junior messy play bib that can be used to protect your child’s clothing (and make clean-up time a whole lot easier!).

Nunu and I love the beach and decided that it would be fun to make a beach sensory bin. Everything needed to be edible because at the moment Nunu puts everything in his mouth!

For this sensory bin activity, you will need the following:

  • a big plastic container (preferably clear)
  • blue jelly (I used clear litchi jelly and added blue food colouring – don’t add as much as I did though, our fingers were sporting a blue tinge for a while!)
  • tennis biscuits
  • a variety of beach themed toys

For the sand:

Use your food processor to break the tennis biscuits into sand-sized particles. Place these on one side of your container. 

For the ocean:

Follow the instructions on the jelly pack. Once set, mix the jelly up with a spoon and place on the other side of the container.

Add some sea creatures of your choosing! 

This activity uses two different textures which will encourage sensory exploration and stimulate imaginative play. 

 By Nicole Wright from Hearts and hiccups

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